Event Planning

Planning of concerts and other events in concert halls or for orchestras is a complex process ranging from the overall artistic season planning to the detailed planning of needed resources.

The specific software systems used for these plannings need to be extensively configured to adapt to the internal processes. I can help with the specification of these requirements and the implementation of corresponding system configurations.

In addition, I have successfully defined and implemented interfaces to websites and accounting systems.

The use of such complex software systems can further be optimized through efficient user training. I can offer such trainings, be it in the form of intensive workshops, specific tips & tricks sessions or individual coaching sessions.

Event Ticketing

Ticketing systems have a variety of configuration options for events, subscriptions, price structures, etc. I can assist with the definition and documentation of the requirements as well as conducting detailed tests to document the correct setup.

This applies in particular to the web shop as well as its more or less deep integration into websites.

Furthermore, I have successfully set up interfaces to accounting systems. My support went from documenting the necessary bookings with the accountants to configuring of the ticketing system with the software provider. In addition, a program had to be programmed to convert the exported bookings into a format readable by the booking software.

Event Reporting

Reports directly from ticket sales systems rarely provide all reports that are needed by management and marketing. Therefore, it is necessary to provide additional, specific (and changing) reports using so-called "business intelligence systems".

Based on my experience in financial services, I have already set up a reporting system for ticket and subscription sales. This includes both extracting relevant data from the ticketing system and loading it into a data warehouse, as well as defining and generating, partially automated, reports (based on a leading business intelligence software). Various reports on percentages of seats sold and turnover from different perspectives are possible all along with dashboards with relevant KPIs.

In addition, I am currently working on analysis of customer behaviour, e.g. exploring subscription purchases over several seasons to assess how customers switch between subscriptions. In addition, findings about cross sales of subscriptions and events will be acquired through shopping basket analysis.

About Me

“One of his strengths is his ability to act as a broker between users and IT specialists.“

Matthias Naske, General Director,
Philharmonie Luxembourg, 2013

After working more than 10 years at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, I am currently supporting various concert halls and other cultural institutions in implementing key IT projects.

In my role as IT manager, and temporarily as Deputy Technical Director of the Philharmonie Luxembourg, I was involved in setting up organisational structures and processes. Thus, I was able to fully understand the internals of running concert halls and orchestras.

This expertise is complemented by more than 30 years of experience in managing complex projects, not only in the cultural domain but also in the field of financial services.

Customer Testimonials

“I appreciate his sense for yet unasked questions and his ability to discover not so obvious relationships.”

Johannes Kadar

Philharmonie Luxembourg

“I was pleased to meet an IT specialist who is looking over the rim of his screen and who understands our needs.”

Philipp Stein

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

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